Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Kraftin Kimmie Wonderful Wednesday Challenge Entry

Here is my entry for the KKS wonderful wednesday challenge.

I just Love Rosie Fairy!

Craft Fantastic For Planner Fun!

Hi All and Happy Tuesday! Today I am bringing you two fun projects really for everyone, but I made these with our planner girls in mind.

Our first project is a planner marker. Now this can also be used as a purse hangie thingie as well. I am not really sure of the technical name so purse hangie thingie will be what we call it!

We are going to start by using a key ring clip and a large jump ring and a peacock tray and attach the peacock tray to the loop of the key ring clip with the jump ring by using two pairs of the multipirpose jewelry pliers. Next  we are going to use a piece of rolo chain and a small jump ring. Use a wire cutter to snip a piece of the rolo chain. I used a piece that is about 4 inches long. Use the small jump ring to attach the piece of chain to the large jump ring. Now at the other end of the piece of rolo chain, using a small jump ring, attach the love key tray. Now in the center of the piece if chain we are going to use a small jump ring to attach tiny pretzel tray. Then use a small jump ring to attach the cute heart charm halfway between the peacock tray and the pretzel tray, and finally use a small jump ring to attach a wing charm halfway between the pretzel tray and the love key. Your project is almost complete.

 Now I used two word images from the Inspiration Image Sheet  for the two small glass rounds and some origami paper for the image for the one tiny glass oval. Use your Fantastic Glaze & Glue applied on the flat side of the glass and then placed on top of the image. And finally use Fantastic Jewelers Dots to adhere the finished glass to the piece.

Our second project is to make planner clips. Now to ne perfectly honest I did go through a bit of trial and error to make sure I was giving you the best way to do things.

First you are going to need a few large paper clips. Second choose which Craft Fantastic pieces you would like to use. (note here, this is really easy and once you start you really can't stop). I used a scallop tray with a small glass round, a paisley tray with a medium glass round,  a pocket wach tray with a small glass round, and an owl tray with a medium glass round. I used two images from the Valentines image sheet and two of the images were also taken from a piece of origami paper. Take your four pieces of glass, and using Fantastic Glaze & Glue create your images on your glass and set this aside to dry. Now here is that trial and error part I was talking about. Use the protective plastic sleeve that the image sheet comes in and put your paper clips on it as if you are using the sleeve as a page. Now you can use either E6000 (my tube in the picture is 2.0 oz and the one in the shop is .18oz) or krazy glue and put either on the side of the paper clip where you wish to adhere your tray and then place the tray on top of the adhesive. Krazy glue does hold more quickly. E6000 is more forgiving but does take a little more time to dry. Let this step dry completely. Once it is dry you can remove from the plastic sleeve. Use your Fantastic Jewelers Dots  to adhere your glass onto the trays. I then finished off with some ribbon I have in my stash to decorate where the loops are. Really fun and really easy!

So what do you think? Did you enjoy this tutorial? If you have any questions at all on either of these projects or any of the other projects shown please feel free to ask. We love hearing from you! I do hope you have enjoyed these projects and I will see you again soon!


Products Used In These Projects
peacock tray
love key tray
tiny pretzel tray
scallop tray
paisley tray
pocket wach tray
owl tray
Small Glass Rounds
Medium Glass Rounds
tiny glass oval
cute heart charm
wing charm
key ring clip
large jump ring
small jump ring
rolo chain
multipirpose jewelry pliers.
Valentines image sheet
Inspiration Image Sheet
Fantastic Glaze & Glue
Fantastic Jewelers Dots