Saturday, September 2, 2017

Starting to Think Fall Colors With Craft Fantastic

As we start to head into the Fall I start to think about my jewelry and think of those pastels and sherbert colors that I love so much in the summer will start to give way to jewel tones and deeper, richer colors. So today I am bringing you one of my favorite techniques with a deeper tone, perfect for starting on fall accessories!

So lets get started. I chose the following to work with: medallion tray, large glass round, faux leather necklace, fantastic super sticky dots and a few nail polish choices.

On the flat side of your jewelers glass first give a coat of clear nail polish that contains some kind of something extra, like glitter, flecks, etc. Let dry. Remember this is really the coat that will show the most so you can even layer several coats to build up your effect. Next pick out a deep shade of polish. This willl actually be your backing color. For fall I have chosen a pretty shade of red. You really don't want to be able to see through this last coat so if you need to give a second coat, do so but definitely let your layers dry between coats. Once dry, simply apply fantastic super sticky dots to the medallion pendant tray and adhere your glass. I chose to finish the piece with one of our black faux leather necklaces.

II really love how this piece turned out. Do you like it? I would love to see what you create!