Saturday, June 16, 2018

Packaging Idea With Craft Fantastic

Hi Everyone! You are all fans of making things, beautiful things. Like perhaps even earrings or necklaces? Ok so once you have made these, what do you put them in? Here I am showing you one of my favorite ways to package the jewelry pieces I make. For packaging I have a lot of paper so instead of spending on premade boxes I make my own. And to finish off the packaging we will use a large silver jump ring, a fan charm, a small round pendant tray, a small round jewelers glass, jewelers super sticky dot and glaze and glue.
I decided to use a leftover piece of the fancy specialty paper I used on the box itself to put under the jewelers glass.
Apply your glaze and glue to the jewelers glass as normal, hold the glass until it grips the paper and is dry. Trim and using a super sticky dot adhere the glass into the pendant tray. Then using the large jump ring attach both the tray and the charm onto the jump ring.
Then thread the jump ring onto the ribbon and tie your bow as normal.

Pretty huh?
I would love to know what you think of this packaging idea!