Thursday, May 31, 2018

My Love Of Pop Culture

In my house we have a lot of Pop Culture fans so today I am showing you how to incorporate a love of Pop Culture into your Craft Fantastic projects! I am using the Retro Square Bracelet in Black, Fantastic Glaze and Glue, and Fantastic Super Sticky Dots.
Pick out your images and create your own image sheet. When you are creating an image sheet keep in mind you want to use images printed on cheap copy paper, not photo paper or gloss paper or other fancy paper. Truly basic copy paper is fine to use. But you do want to use a copy, not a print from an inkjet printer. So the image should be toner based, not inkjet based.

This particular bracelet uses eight images. Apply Glaze and Glue to the flat side of the jewelers glass and place on the image sheet images you want to use in your project. Hold until they grab. Let dry and trim around the glass. Then place Fantastic Super Sticky Dots into the spots on the bracelet where the glass will go and then stick in the glass pieces.

Super easy right? And look how fun this is!!!!


I hope you like this project and pick your favorite images and give it a try! I can't wait to see what you create!