Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Mother's Day Gift Idea With Craft Fantastic

Hi All! Today I am bringing you a Mother's Day Gift Idea. I have made many wonderful pieces for my mom over the years with Craft Fantastic and this year will be no exception. For this project I am using ALPHABET#1 Image Sheet, Tiny Glass Rounds, Tiny Round Link Trays, Small Jump Rings, Lobster Clasp, Multipurpose Jewelry Pliers, Fantastic Sticky Dots, Fantastic Glaze & Glue, and a scissor and qtips.

To begin I trimmed out the letters from the image sheet to spell out GRANDMA.

Next I put one dot in the center of the flat side of the glass with Glaze & Glue and carefully placed over each letter. While the glue was still wet I made sure that the letters were centered within the glass before that moment when the glue really grabs on to the glass.

Next I trimmed around the letters.

The next step was to place the Sticky Dots into the Tiny Round Link Trays. Now I did cut down the Sticky Dots because they are the same size or even slightly bigger than the surface of the Tiny Trays. Then I attached the glass to the trays.

Add small jump rings to connect the trays as well as using a small jump ring to attach the Lobster Clasp and a small jump ring to use as the other end of the bracelet for the clasp.
Now a few sizing notes. My Mom has tiny wrists and this size is perfect for her. If you need to make the bracelet longer you can do several things. First, I used seven trays. You could use more trays which will add length. Second, I used one small jump ring to connect the trays. You could also use more, but use either one, three, or five between links so that the bracelet will lay correctly. I also used a small jump ring for the Loop to be used with the Lobster Clasp. The large jump ring could certainly be used as well. This is personal preference. And finally you could add a series of jump rings by the ends to connect the Lobster Clasp and the Large Jump Ring at the other end. This would also give you a way of adding a little lengt based on how much more length you need.

I do hope you have enjoyed this Mother's Day Project and will see you all again soon!