Tuesday, June 27, 2017

And Now For Something A Little Different....

Hi All! Today I am bringing you something a little different! Summer for me means some quality time with my family and one of the things we love to do as a family is craft together. My youngest daughter and I had a bit of parallel play. We each picked out a printers tray from our local craft store. If you haven't played with a printers tray before they are great fun. You can use them for more of a multiple picture photo frame, or as a memory tray or to tell a story, really anything, and that is what makes this a great project!

How did we do these, here is a simple step by step for you!

1. Measure out the sections of the tray and pick any type of paper that you would like for your background. I chose several different patterned papers to add a bit of interest. Next using  your favorite adhesive, adhere your background paper to the tray.
2. I decided to use my Bright Butterflies Image Sheet to create a butterfly theme for my project. I then decided on six different pendant trays and matching jewelers glass and using Fantastic Glaze and Glue adhered my glass to my images from the Bright Butterflies Image Sheet. I trimmed around the Jewelers Glass once it was dry and adhered the Jewelers Glass to the pendant trays using Fantastic Super Sticky Dots. (Southwest Tray, Large Glass Round, Oval Scroll Tray, Small Glass Oval, Medallion Tray. Twist Link Tray, Small Glass Round, Large Oval Pendant Tray, Large Oval Glass, Rectangle Pendant Tray, Glass Rectangle.)
3. As I then started to lay out what was going where I then pilled out some of my favorite Craft Fantastic charms. Once I had decided which ones I wanted to use, I then used a nippy cutter or wire cutter and snipped off the little piece where you would attach a jump ring from the various charms and pendant trays. Please note, when I snip off these little pieces, I tend to hold the snipper and the piece well into a garbage pail so that little piece doesn't go flying. Just my personal suggestion here.Also it is important to note, I didn't remove all of those little pieces. Some of the pendant trays have a pretty solid metal loop and for those I put a bow on them making it decorative.(Folk Heart Charm, Mini Bird Connector, Resin Flower Cabs, Butterfly Charm Collection, Key Medallion Tray, Lovebird Tray, Filigree Tray,
4. I then attached all my metal to the printers tray with double sided foam squares. I will have to see over time how well they stay stuck. I may at a later date go back and add to the adhesive if necessary.
5. As an additional finishing touch I added those cute little glass bottles with some glitter in them and some flowers around the edges of the printers tray and there you have it!

So what do you think? Do you like this project? Please comment and let me know!