Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Craft Fantastic Bling It On Teachers Gift

Hi All! Today I am bringing you something a little different. I think we as crafters like to be able to use our supplies in many different ways. Today I am using two sizes of jewelers glass (Tiny Glass Rounds and Mini Glass Rounds) , our fabulous new Tiny Glass Bling and our Fantastic Glaze and Glue.

So here is our project. I started out with just a plain unfinished basic wood frame from one of the big box stores.

 I used basic craft acrylic paint in white first as a base coat. Then I took several other assorted colors (light pink, light blue, lavender, yellow and quite literally put a few drops on the end of a paper towel and dabbed it on the frame. This gave me a pretty base. I then let that dry.

Next I took two different sizes of the glass rounds and used a few coats of glitter nail polish on the flat side of the glass and I let that dry.

Next I had some paper flowers and some color sprays. I placed these inside a showbox. If you have never worked with color sprays, they can get away from you rather easily. (I know this because the first time I used them I accidentally got some on one of our dogs. Lets just say our gray and white schnauzer was rather colorful for a bit.)

Spray the flowers inside the box. I then used a heat gun to help along the drying process.

Now you are ready to assemble. I used the Glaze and Glue to attach the flowers to the frame, then used the Glaze and Glue to attach both assorted pieces of bling as well as the jewelers glass on to the flowers.

And there you have it!

Please let me know what you think about this project! Did you like it?