Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Any Harry Potter Fans Out There? Craft Fantastic is Perfect for Custom Projects!


Hi All! Do you have any Harry Potter fans in your life? I certainly do! My baby is a huge Harry Potter fan and her birthday is coming up! Customizing with  Craft Fantastic for that perfect gift to the rescue! Today we will make three projects that are being customized for my harry Potter fan, but you can customize these whether you us personal photos or other images that have special meaning for that special person.

First up is our Black Retro Posh Bracelet. This bracelet comes with six large glass ovals. These are perfect for pretty good size images and would also be great for images of family, friends, and even fur babies.

I chose for this the Hogwarts Crest and the various Hogwarts House Crests. I found images on the internet and brought them into Microsoft Word. I made sure I sized them to fit the glass and printed them out on my printer. I then took the color printouts and made color copies. I used the color copies for my actual project. The rest is simple, apply Fantastic Glaze and Glue to the flat side of the glass and place over the image. Wiggle to make sure the glue is spread over the entire image and make sure you have the glass over the image as you want it to appear. Hold in place until it stops wiggling. Use a Q-tip around the edges to wipe off any excess glue. Then take a scissor and trim around the edges holding the scissor at a forty five degree angle.This will allow you to get a closer cut to the glass.

 I did use four Fantastic Jewelers Dots per glass piece. This is probably a little excessive, but my recipient is going to be eleven and she can give a bracelet a workout. Check out the finished project!

Next up is an adorable Harry Potter necklace. Again I followed the same procedure for grabbing an image as above. I used the Small Rectangle Pendant Kit in Silver. Both the tray and the glass come in this kit. Follow the same procedure as above using Fantastic Glaze and Glue and adhering to the tray using Fantastic Jewelers Dots. For this I only used two dots.

I then finished this project off with a 24 inch Silver Ball Chain.  How cute is this!

And finally, a ticket on the Hogwarts Express! I used a craft tag and used Fantastic Glaze and Glue to adhere a Hogwarts ticket image to the tag. Next I took one of the adorable Owl Tray in Silver and using the Hogwarts crest adhered the image to a Medium Glass Round and attached the glass to the owl tray with  Fantastic Jewelers Dots. I then attached the owl tray to the tag using ribbons in Hogwarts colors. This will be perfect either for a card or as a bookmark for my daughter!

What do you think?

As always, i do hope you have enjoyed these fun projects and please post in the comments below if you have any questions at all!