Tuesday, March 7, 2017

A Touch Of The Southwest Pendant

Hi All and Happy Tuesday! Today I am bringing you a really fun Touch Of The Southwest Pendant. I warn you, this is one technique that is so much fun that you may want to get some extra glass. Once you start it is hard to stop!

Ok, lets get started! For this project you will need three strands from the Faux Leather Necklaces Assortment, Small Silver Jump Rings, Multi Purpose Jewelry Pliers, Fantastic Jewelers Dots, One Opera Tray and Medium Glass Oval from the March Kit Of The Month, and nail polish!

Please note, the picture shows large jump rings butI realized in order to be able to take the leather cord on and off the pendant you need the small jump rings to fit through the loop attached to the Opera Pendant, and also I inadvertantly left off the wire cutter.

First, on the flat side of the jewelers glass you must remember that you are going to apply the nail polish from the top layer first. I have used two different shades of glitter polish for this first layer.

Then I applied two different shades of turquoise nail polish.

Your first layers should be transparent, and as you add layers, the layers should become more of an opaque coverage. Set this aside to dry.

While this is drying you are going to take three leather strands and snip off the clasp pieces from both ends. Using a small jump ring on each side attach the three leather strands so that they form one piece. Using the pieces that you clipped off, add the clasp onto one jump ring and the chain piece on the other jump ring.

Once your pendant is dry, adhere to the opera pendant using the Fantastic Jewelers dots and thread your leather necklace through! And there you have A Touch Of The Southwest!

Try this technique using various shades of polish along with various specialty coats! Can't wait to see what you all come up with! And make sure to check out our Shows and Workshops page on the Craft Fantastic webpage and come out to see the amazing Craft Fantastic Team when we are in your area!