Thursday, October 25, 2018

Fun Fall Packaging With Craft Fantastic

Hi Everyone! If you are like me you are staring at your calendar wondering how we are already at the end of October and starting to think Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas...and then you think shopping, gifts, wrapping...and ok, breathe, Craft Fantastic has you covered. Check out today's project!
So I got this fun pumpkin candle, and many of us give candles, things in mason jars, etc. So I thought wouldn't it be great if the wrapping could also be a gift! Here is what you will need: Dia De Los Muertos Image Sheet, Day/Dead Charm Collection, Fantastic Glaze & Glue, Fantastic Super Sticky Dots, Paisley Tray, Medium Glass Round, Small Jump Rings, Large Jump Rings, 24" Ball Chain.

Now if you happened to get th October Kit, all the parts and pieces are actually in there!
Ok, so first I picked an image from the image sheet and adhered my jewelers glass, let dry and trimmed around as always, used a super stick jewelers dot to adhere it to the pendent.

Next I took my two charms and put each on it's own small jump ring.
I then attached the two charms together using a large jump ring and fed it through the attached bail on the paisley pendant. Then I threaded the ball chain around the candle neck and through the large jump ring. I wrapped it around the jar twice and did trim a tiny bit of the chain to allow the chain to fit more snugly around the neck of the jar. Presto, you have packaging that can also be removed and you have an awesome necklace as well!

And keep in mind, changing the charms, the image, the tray, the colors will change the whole look and take you through the holidays!
I hope you like this project and can't wait to see what you all are making!
Until next time!