Tuesday, September 5, 2017

More Fall Fun With Craft Fantastic

Here in New Mexico there is an awesome event every Labor Day Weekend at the Santo Domingo Pueblo. This event is a favorite for me every year. Literally hundreds of artisans from many different pueblos have their work for sale. I would have brought photos for you to see this amazing event but there is no photography allowed. What I wish I could do justice in describing to you is the amazing array of color in all the incredible jewelry that you see. And very prevalent among the various artists is earthtones, beautiful stonework, turquiose, lapis, jade, hematite, to name just a few. One of the things I really love about our Craft Fantastic products is that ability to create so many different things and we are really only limited by our imaginations. You will have to stay tuned for some amazing things that will be coming up, but for today, here is something sparkly!

So lets get started. I chose the following to work with: watchface tray, medium glass round, faux leather necklace, fantastic super sticky dots and a few nail polish choices.

On the flat side of your jewelers glass first give a coat of clear nail polish that contains some kind of something extra, like glitter, flecks, etc. On this piece I used several different special effects coats including one that is an iridescent glitter. Let dry. Remember this is really the coat that will show the most so you can even layer several coats to build up your effect. Next pick out a deep shade of polish. This willl actually be your backing color. I have chosen black this time to let the colors of the top layers stand out. You really don't want to be able to see through this last coat so if you need to give a second coat, do so but definitely let your layers dry between coats. Once dry, simply apply fantastic super sticky dots to the watchface pendant tray and adhere your glass. I chose to finish the piece with one of our black faux leather necklaces.

I love that you can use this pendant on either side, getting double the wear out of it!

II really love how this piece turned out. Do you like it? I would love to see what you create!

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